Where's My Water?

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Give this poor crocodile some water


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Where's my Water? is an original puzzles game where you will have to make the water current reach your main character so it can enjoy a good shower. Of course, because it's a crocodile and all the pipes are broken, you won't find it particularly easy.

The game's mechanic is pretty simple: all you need to do is 'scratch' the filth from the depth of the sewers with the tip of your finger, allowing the water, recreated to perfection with a real physics system, to flow from side to side on the screen. This way, it can drain through the pipes and reach your friend.

Obviously, if you want to do a really good job, you will have to hit the three water duckies that are found on every screen with the water, which represents an additional challenge for the boldest ones.

Graphically speaking, Where's My Water? looks really nice. It doesn't have amazing graphics, but Disney's distinct style is prevalent in the game's aspect.

Where's My Water? is a fun-filled game, with a very original mechanic that suits perfectly in an Android device and an enormous amount of levels that will keep you busy for days at a time.